Potterville, West Springfield Massachusetts
My name is Miss Bunny but you can call me Bun-Bun


I live here at Potterville. I have lived here since I was a baby bunny.


I am very happy here. I have the whole shop to play in. I get lots of love from Laura, Amber, Cherie, and all my friends who come to visit me. 

I'm even cuter in person, so come to Potterville and visit me!

Please don’t touch my butt, my tail, or my double chin. I spend a lot of time trying to keep them pretty. And, I am sorry, but I don’t like to be picked up. I am afraid that I might fall. When you touch me, you’ll see that I am very soft. But sometimes I can be a dust bunny, because I live in a pottery shop where it can be very dusty.  

I hope to see you soon.

That feels good, thank you!


If you come to see me, I like to be pet between my ears, on my ears, and on my back, too.

Mission Accomplished! Goodnight...


It’s really fun. It’s like playing hide and seek by yourself, but really fast. When I get tired out, I find a small hiding place to curl up in, and I snooze. 

Go ahead and JUMP!


I hide, then run really fast, jump in the air and kick my feet out on my way to the next hiding place

Bun...James Bun


Sometimes when I am alone, I like to play 007


I like to hang out with Cherie, Amber and Laura while they make things on wheel. When my potter-friends leave at night, I play tricks on them. I climb up on the wheel and sign their pottery with a little bite. Once, I nibbled all the ruffles off a candy dish. Then, my potter-friends started moving the chairs away from the wheel, thinking I couldn’t reach. Well, soon enough, I showed them that I could. Amber was sitting at the wheel one day, and I jumped right up on it to visit her. Laura, Cherie and Amber all laughed. They love the funny things I do. 

Oops! I'm sorry...


I llike Tostitos, too. I’m a funny bunny. Sometimes I eat the clay too, but I‘m not supposed to. Oops!

My favorite foods


I love to eat all kinds of fruit and green vegetables. My favorite food is blueberries. I like strawberries too. I like Triscuits, especially the rosemary flavor.

Baby Bun-Bun!